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5 ways self love improves your wealth

  1. Boosts confidence and self-worth, leading to better decision making when it comes to #money. When you have self love and self worth you stop doubting every single decision you make and instead move forward with confidence. Some financial traders limited their ability to do well just because they didn't have the confidence in their abilities and knowledge. This is a simple example of how having low self worth can limit your wealth opportunities.

  2. Reduces the need for external validation, allowing you to focus on your own financial goals and priorities. It is incredibly freeing when you are no longer making decisions based on what others around you say needs to happen. Sometimes we do know better than those around us giving us advice. When we are always looking for someone else to tell us we are doing great we can limit ourselves from taking action, taking calculated risks and trying new ways to grow personally and professionally.

  3. Encourages setting healthy boundaries, leading to better financial management and avoiding overspending. This is a classic keeping up with the Jones' type scenario. Maybe you have #FOMO (fear of missing out) and so you spend money on things, people or experiences you didn't really want to or where it wouldn't help you grow. When you have enough self love you will start to create healthy boundaries around where, when and with who you spend your money. You will start spending money on areas you TRULY feel have value.

  4. Increases resilience and the ability to bounce back from financial setbacks or challenges. When you have self love you are able to see scenarios for more than just bad or good. You can start to see the opportunity to learn from everything. Having self love allows you to improve in areas without your ego shutting down production from fear of feeling like a failure. When you have self love you know you are not a failure even when you have a set-back or something doesn't work quite the way you thought it might. Resiliency is one of the key concepts for being able to be successful both personally and professionally.

  5. Helps attract abundance and opportunities by cultivating a positive mindset and energy towards money. When you embody abundance you are able to see opportunities you may not otherwise notice. It is the power of the mind to search and find what you say you want. If you are always telling yourself you have lack- you will find lack all around you. When you focus on abundance you start to see all the abundance around you. Self love allows you to pursue opportunities you may otherwise have told yourself you are not good enough for.

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