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My mission is to help people like you make real changes in their lives. We do this through hypnosis, guided imagery, and mindfulness techniques. Together we will work on healing old wounds, overcoming fears and blocks, improving relationships, and so much more! 

We focus on healing the experiences you have and your inner child that desperately wants to be heard. Our past experiences have a huge impact on our automatic processes we have today.

Mindset Coaching

Backed by certificates in hypnotherapy,
massage therapy and personal training,
Viktoria believes wellness coaching provides
a path to therapeutic support that can
empower people to control their mind and
body, and ultimately improve their daily lives.
Through a mix of hypnotherapy, relevant
neuroscience education, and easily
applicable exercises and daily affirmations,
her programs help people
understand the various aspects of chronic
pain to reduce it, achieve weight reduction, and

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life coaching hypnosis weightloss
life coach weightloss hypnosis


Hypnotherapy helps us access this deeper layer of ourselves where we store suppressed memories that shape our responses and emotions. With a trained hypnotherapist you can learn how to unlock your own inner resources so you can take charge of your life again! This form of therapy gives individuals an opportunity to confront past traumas they are unaware exist at a deep level within themselves which may be contributing towards psychological difficulties they currently experience. For example, if someone has unresolved guilt over something they did when young it might manifest itself as procrastination today since part of them believes that no matter what effort is put into any project ‘it will never work out’ like before. 

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