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Engaging Public Speaker

Viktoria has made significant strides in the wellness industry, becoming a sought-after speaker at podcasts, wellness fairs, and events.

She is distinguished for her presentations on chronic pain, addictions, and mindset, offering her audience fascinating insights and practical solutions to overcome their challenges.

Her captivating speaking style and deep understanding of her subjects make her an asset to any event.

Viktoria's approach to wellness is holistic; she believes in the power of positive thinking and the importance of physical wellness in achieving overall health. Her commitment to her clients' health and her dedication to spreading awareness about holistic wellness practices have earned her a loyal following and rave testimonials.

Viktoria Hamma is more than a speaker; she is a wellness advocate, a change agent, and a source of inspiration for many. Her bio speaks volumes about her passion, her expertise, and her unwavering commitment to promoting wellness.

Speaking to Professionals

Viktoria has a great ability to engage and challenge fellow professionals in the areas of business, mindset and anatomy. She loves helping her fellow colleagues grow in their businesses as well. 


Speaking to Inspire Change

Viktoria's captivating speaking style, coupled with a profound comprehension of her subjects, makes her a valuable addition to any event. She is well-regarded for her holistic approach to wellness, emphasizing the synergy between positive thinking and physical wellness in bite size pieces that allow the audience to take home so much valuable information.


Speaking to Educate

Viktoria is known for her expertise on chronic pain, addictions, and mindset, providing her audience with practical solutions and in-depth knowledge to overcome their challenges.

Her unique speaking style is captivating, making her a valuable asset to any event. She successfully combines her deep understanding of her subjects with her powerful delivery, creating an enriching learning experience for her audience.

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