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Snippet from #TheSubconsciousProof - The Language of Pain

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

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Viktoria: We have two and they are both fabulous people and have a lot of insight and understanding in the world of chronic pain which if you know me is such a topic that I think needs to be discussed more often and it really needs to be discussed in further terms beyond the traditional medical system because clearly we are struggling to manage people's symptoms and people's struggles with the way we're currently doing things. I think we need to have a bigger discussion around other things that can happen. Without further to do these are the lovely lovely people from Empowered Healers Academy here to talk with us today.

Empowered Healers Academy: Thank you for having us!

Viktoria: I'm so happy you guys are here because you guys do a lot of really great work and let's kind of start by telling people what it is you do and why is it relevant.

Empowered Healers Academy: Well what we do is we teach practitioners around the globe basically how to interpret the chronic pain that their clients are going through because a lot of times people are so focused on the symptom of the pain but there's there can I mean and as

you know there can be so much going on underneath the surface and I think as a society and as practitioners who are helping people in society there really needs to be this understanding that not only can varying degrees of trauma actually create pain in the body but that pain is a messenger and that there's something in the pain and once it's decoded like with speed and accuracy there's actually a lot of room for people to heal in great degrees.

Viktoria: Yeah I I can't agree more. Now it's interesting so I know through talking to you guys and seeing your website and everything else you have to offer, one of you and I can't remember which, one was an acupuncturist or something yeah tell me a little bit about that journey to where you are now

Empowered Healers Academy: Yeah when I first started in my acupuncture career I worked predominantly with pain and then I moved into working with professional athletes and the number one thing that I saw what was so interesting is that even though these people were Elite athletes sometimes their pain wasn't resolving which normally would with acupuncture and so then I started asking questions of well what does it feel like and from there I became this acupuncturist that was talking more about emotions with high professional athletes than I was really talking about their performance from a physical standpoint and the more I started doing that the more I noticed that seemingly insignificant moments in their lives. Like maybe somebody stole something from them as a kid or maybe somebody said just one comment to them when they were in junior high it was those moments that needed Clarity and acknowledgment that actually helped more than acupuncture at some points and that became the basis of my career to where we are now.

Viktoria: And so at the beginning did you utilize both were you doing acupuncture with this other kind of therapy that I guess we'll get into. What do you call your therapy and how were you utilizing both at one point?

Empowered Healers Academy: Yeah so this is a good question so at the beginning so yeah I was only using acupuncture and then I segued into what we we call subconscious imprinting technique and what was really cool when I was noticing working on people is when I use them in unison the places so say somebody had like a shoulder issue that was going on and I had the needles in their shoulder and we were walking through sit subconscious imprinting technique and the more that we were walking through the technique where the needles were the muscles were actually starting to Twitch without me touching them and so it became very evident that in those areas they were holding data and by acknowledging that data the body literally was starting to release without me doing anything to touch them and um and it's just been so cool to watch that replicated over and over and over again and it's beautiful because it started in an Olympic weightlifting gym where like emotions it's not talked about

Viktoria: Here's the funny part about that is I do hypnotherapy work and hypnotherapy work I mean in a sense it's been used in a lot of different ways using visualisation and all that by athletes for a long time to get them better performance so it's almost comical that they don't want to deal with these other emotions that clearly have an impact on performance and they just want to talk about the physical. You see it all the time you know people almost feel better about who they are as a trainer if all they focus is on the anatomy and the muscles and the biochemistry of it it's like that's great and yeah that is so needed and so helpful but if that was all it was then why are you not biohacking the best athletes all the time what is making one better than the other. What were you noticing with a lot of the responses you were getting from your clients?

Empowered Healers Academy: Specifically from athletes what I noticed is that once they had that one session that they were like oh my gosh it went quickly from okay if you could help my shoulder pain that quickly like can you help me perform better can you help me win like what else can you actually help me with and which is vast you know when you start looking into that and so that was the number one thing but then it then it streamed out outside of that you know not only in regards to their career but their relationships whether it was with themselves with their body with their friends, with their Partners, with their parents and so it started to bring this this large effect of now that they had experienced it it was almost like they could talk to people about it easier being like yo it's might be some fear that's going on you should probably go talk to so and so and like you can probably sort it out so it it almost brought a normalisation to it too especially within a gym setting that you I wouldn't normally and typically have encountered before.

Viktoria: That's amazing and then you kind of grew into empowered healers Academy so tell me about that because that is a little bit of a shift from where you started?

Empowered Healers Academy: Yeah that all started with the migraines mm-hmm yeah so this whole journey started and today is a really special day being April 10th because eight years ago to the day I actually lost my dad to suicide and shortly after that I developed chronic migraines and so no matter what I tried I went to the doctors we did a whole bunch of scans I tried acupuncture my doctor was progressive enough to recommend massage therapy so that was cool but then it ended up resorting to you know really high levels of pain meds but no matter what I did nothing would touch the migraines and it was interesting that during that whole experience of searching no one had asked about if I had injured any sort of emotional trauma or anything like that and even V with everything that she knew with doing acupuncture it just wasn't touching these migraines and so she went on a mission to really find what what's going on here that I wasn't taught in school basically and through that you discovered a podcast about repressed emotions and unresolved trauma and the use of forgiveness and so it was in less than 30 minute conversation it was the last migraine I ever had where you had asked me what was going on when you were 12 years old and it was the most insignificant seeming memory it was the memory where my dad had bought me an iPod Touch and I was so excited about this iPod but the caveat came with make sure your stepmom doesn't find out so here is this moment of expansion and joy and excitement as a almost teenager that came with but make sure you suppress it and hide it and so all these years later it wasn't actually the trauma of losing my dad that was causing the migraines it was this it was an unmet need essentially so a lot of people think trauma is this it's it's a big event but oftentimes it's the most seemingly insignificant moments in our lives and so that unmet need that I had around my dad was just attempting to be seen and acknowledged.

So I had suffered from migraines for quite some time and tried everything and it wasn't until I let that memory go and really just acknowledge that memory that the migraine went away and everything else started to change and so we started to study with Gabor mate Annette cardioli we studied uh Bruce Lipton like we just started to dive into this we were like this is wild and I was actually in massage therapy school at the time and I thought I can effleurage a person until the cows come home but if we don't address their unmet needs and if we don't address the memory that's attempting to be seen I'm not going to be impactful and so that's where we really kind of like looked at what we were doing and what she was accomplishing with acupuncture and so much of the healing we had done with ourselves and we decided to systemize it and to start to teach practitioners especially because there was V had gotten to a point where her schedule was booking out so far in advance she couldn't take any more.

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